UV Lights For Home Air Purification

It’s A Fact, Ultraviolet Light Kills Germs!

The success of UV light as an extremely effective germicide has been corroborated through numerous studies. UV light has been proven to have a success rate in excess of 99% when eradicating germs, including the deadly H1N1 virus. Accordingly, Universal HVAC makes germicidal UV lights available to help you in combating airborne predators such as viruses, bacteria, dust mites and mold. After having been deployed with considerable success in settings where a sterile environment is essential, such as hospitals, UV light technology is now widely available for residential use.

UV lights offer the added benefit of an easy installation, insuring that the cost to implement them in your home is kept at an affordable level. UV lights are installed directly into the ductwork of your home’s heating and air conditioning system, in order to provide them with optimal levels of access to your entire living area.


How Do UV Lights Work?

UV lights act as an agitator and disruptor of the DNA of the many viruses, bacteria, and other harmful airborne organisms that are typically present in your living environment. As the air from your cooling system makes its way over the UV light implemented in your system’s air ducts, it comes into direct contact with a germicidal lamp that emits a sufficient enough dosage of UV light to insure that they can no longer reproduce.  The UV light practically eliminates microorganisms circulating inside your home’s ventilation system, insuring that you and your family enjoy the healthiest indoor air possible.